Multipurpose Magic Handy Scrubber Cleaning Brush


Tired of wasting a ton of time scrubbing and cleaning all kinds of surfaces and still not getting the dirt and grime out?

The Toronado Scrubber takes all the hard work away from scrubbing and cleaning, alleviating muscle aches and saving you a ton of time so you can clean any surface with ease!

Extremely Powerful Scrub: Spins any attached head at an extremely powerful rate of 500RPM. This allows forceful torque to scrub and clean any surface with ease. Blasts away dirt and cleans hard to reach areas without any harsh chemicals!


Cordless: Forget the hassle of dragging cords around. Our Scrubber is cordless so you can take anywhere! Great for Inside and Outside cleaning and scrubbing.

Rechargeable: The Scrubber is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord that plugs into any regular wall outlet.

No Toxic Cleaners Necessary: Since the Scrubber uses a powerful force of 500RPM to clean you do not need to use any hard and toxic chemical sprays to clean. This allows for a safer and healthier environment for children and adults when cleaning

Lightweight: The Scrubber is very lightweight and is easy to pick up and handle. Since it is very lightweight your arms and hand will not get tired for holding it while cleaning. ‘

Save Time: Scrubbing and cleaning different surfaces can be very tiring which cause muscle aches and pains. The Toronado Scrubber is designed to alleviate the hard work and allow you to clean any surface with ease. The scrubber does ALL the hard work for you so you can save time!


The Scrubber can work on all surfaces (furniture, tile, granite, sinks, bath, wood, grout, glass, plastic, wicker, tables, chairs, cars, tires, rims and anything else you can think of!) The three different brushes and a polishing pad are used for different types of surfaces (see description below).

✔ Original Dome Brush

The Original Dome Brush is the all-purpose brush that is to be used on most surface areas.

✔ Soft Flex Corner Brush

The Soft Flex Cone Brush can be used to get into tight crevices such as cleaning window shutters or garden fixtures. It can also be used to clean dirty car tire rims.

✔ Wide Flat Brush

The Polishing Pad is a flat pad that can be used to polish car surfaces to make car paint look new again. It can also be used for smaller surfaces, like polishing flower pots or delicate exteriors made from tiles.

✔ Extra-large Flat Brush

The extra large brush is used for greater surface area exteriors that need to be cleaned such as fences and painted wood furniture.


1)Remove From Packaging

The Muscle Scrubber comes in a cardboard packaging. The Scrubber includes four interchangeable brushes and pads to use on various outdoor surfaces.

2)Plug in for Initial Charge

The scrubber uses a rechargeable battery so it is important to charge the battery to full power prior to use. To begin the initial charge, use the charging cable that comes with the scrubber. Plug the cable into the port from the bottom of the scrubber to a regular electrical outlet and leave in until completely charged.

3)Begin to Use!

Once the Scrubber has completed its charge, it is ready to be turned on and used. Depending on what outdoor surfaces or furniture the scrubber is to be used on, select the appropriate brush head and clip into place. Turn on the scrubber by pressing the blue button above the handle. The brush head should begin to vibrate and spin. Place the brush head on top of the surface and the dirt and grime should begin to blast away

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